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Founded in 2016 as a school designed to address the unique mental, physical, and emotional needs of middle school aged student-athletes, DNA Prep Academy’s unique ability to provide the tools for student-athletes to forge a path to success in sport and school has pushed us to expand our exclusive learning and training platforms to now meet the needs of passionate students of the arts and elementary-aged students.


Top Academics

At DNA Prep we believe that a strong mind is just as important as a strong body. That is why we have created an academic platform that meets the unique needs of talented and committed student-artists and athletes. Our exclusive learning platform is a blend of a traditional classroom model, online resources, and a college-styled academic support system. These unparalleled resources and curriculum design provides our students with a pathway to success that is rigorous and interesting, yet remains flexible enough to meet our students’ specialized schedules and needs.

Elite Coaching/Instruction

Our coaching and instructional staff is made up of the most respected, knowledgeable, and effective in each of their respective field of sport and art. 

Specialized Training Programs

No two student-athlete and artist are alike, so no two training programs should be the same. We build a program that is individualized to each of our students to ensure maximum results.

Professional Facilities

Our 16 acre campus provides our students with access to the most advanced facilities that are designed so that our student-athletes and artists reach their full potential.

Cutting Edge Technology and Nutrition Plan

Our students have access to industry leading theory, training, science and technology that boosts results and provides objective measurement of improvements.

At DNA Prep Academy, our mission is to provide the tools, guidance, and opportunity to develop any committed student-athlete and artist into the best versions of themselves – physically, academically, artistically, spiritually, and emotionally – regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Lower School
Serving students in grades 1st through 5th (our “innovators”), DNA’s lower school provides a learning environment that nurtures our innovators’ intellect and inspires a lifelong love of learning and discovery.  By the end of their primary education journey, our innovators have been inspired to become morally strong critical thinkers with all of the foundational academic, athletic, and artistic tools needed to successfully transition to our more developmental-focused middle school program.

Middle School
Building upon the foundation cultivated in our lower school program, our middle school aged students (our “scholars”) are provided with a more focused and individualized curriculum designed to maximize academic and sport-specific or artistic development.  The comprehensive curriculum is designed to be challenging so that peak training results are achieved during the normal school day. Yet, throughout this immersive learning and training process our academic support services department supports our scholars. This first of its kind middle school department is built to provide the same student services that top college athletes receive. Ensuring the closure of any individual learning gaps and, ultimately, success at Los Angeles’s very best private and preparatory high schools.