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DNA Prep Academy’s defining philosophy that drives our decisions and actions is “DEVELOP.”. This philosophy means we are always striving to develop our students and ourselves everyday to become better than yesterday and that we are in constant pursuit to become our best versions – whether that is academically, artistically, athletically, or simply as humans. This need to reach our greatness is why during a global pandemic we have ignored the current uneasiness surrounding the educational environment, and seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become our best version by developing a new campus on an indescribable oasis in Los Angeles, by choosing to provide this unique opportunity not just to middle school students but also students in grades 1-5, and why we have chosen to redefine the student experience.

Our New Chatsworth Campus:

We are excited to announce to the world that in 2021 DNA Prep Academy students will have the privilege to develop themselves on our new campus in Chatsworth. Students will now be inspired to become their best version by an environment that is interwoven with breathtaking views, that has a landscape unique only to this tiny corner of Los Angeles, and that provides a refuge to all visitors from the everyday stress of urban life. This land has a literal and figurative energy flowing through it – as there is a healing sulfur spring flowing in the heart of the property.

The true purpose of this land has lain dormant and goes beyond simply being a school campus that inspires greatness, but will allow us to redefine the student and human experience.  The combination of the new student experience that we are implementing and the inspiration within the land will allow us to unlock a new level of artistry, athleticism and humanity in our students.


Students Minoring in Arts and Athletics
With a Major in Life

We understand and recognize that our families come to us because they seek an opportunity to go to a school that provides the very best academically while developing their child’s passion for the arts and sports. But 2020 has changed us all and has shown us that even the best growth plans can disappear. That is why our one-of-a-kind curriculum is expanding beyond the development of artistic and athletic skills, but also includes an added focus on providing our children with the necessary tools to become champions of life.

Our schedule will still provide for the very best daily trainings in the arts and athletics, but to truly demonstrate that we are committed to developing students ready to conquer life, our middle school students will now choose majors in technology, entrepreneurship, horticulture/agricultural, or life studies with minors in their artistic medium or sport-specific focus. With this change our school schedule will now be designed with Fridays as a day to work on majors and a day of inspiration and internal discovery.  This revolutionary holistic curriculum design will flow through to our elementary-aged students, where Fridays become their innovation day – designed with programs that inspire, pique curiosity, and allow for self-discovery.

We look forward to the challenge of developing today’s champions, and providing the tools to inspire and create tomorrow’s leaders.

Paul Holyfield