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DNA Prep Academy is the premier arts middle school, providing professional-level training and resources to a diverse student body of gifted young artists. DNA Prep’s artists pursue artistic excellence in Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, and Film & Digital Media.

We are excited to introduce additional programing for our innovators and scholars in the arts, which are designed to inspire intellectual curiosity and creativity. Our performing and visual arts programs are guided by the National Core Arts Standards developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. According to the National Core Arts Standards (2014), “Arts education supports the social and emotional well-being of students, whether through distance learning or in person.” We realize that many of our students come to us with multiple talents. It is our desire not only to create an environment and opportunity for students to explore their artistic interests and boost self-esteem, but to enhance interpersonal skills and facilitate teamwork. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their works in one minor and major showcase each school year, during the winter (minor showcase) and spring quarter (culminating showcase), in addition to multiple opportunities for exposure among the student body and neighboring community.