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Our student-athletes receive the very best instruction and trainings from the industry’s top coaches in the following areas:

Sports Specific Training

  • Position and team sports specific training
  • Learn the necessary physical skills for each sport
  • Learn the mental skills needed for each sport
  • Practice and apply these skills in drills and live action  

Sports Performance

  • All that is needed to become bigger, faster and stronger
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Speed & Agility

Film Study

Critique how you train & maximize your performance and results

Cognitive and Mindfulness

  • Gaining the advantage of a strong mentality will make our student-athletes stronger on the field of play

  • Cognitive trainings are weaved into all of all sport-specific and performance trainings

  • Weekly mindfulness training using yoga, meditation, and advanced sports psychology techniques

Nutrition Outline

  • The secret to achieving your performance goals
  • Build your own meal plan from preselected options
  • Students will grow their own nutritional foods to use in daily supplements

Sports Medicine

  • Physical assessment, injury prevention & correction is the key to long term athletic success
  • Recovery techniques, exercises, and technology are implemented to facilitate continued maximum training results.